Phreedom Fridays-A Night of Talent, Talk and Teaching!

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A night of talent, talk and teaching!

Get entertained by featured poetry by Jason Kinte, open mic, and learn the 7 steps to entrepreneurship millions that I used to do a million-dollar exit to retire to Antigua at 45 to live the dream I planned to after Bill Gates came and talked to us when I worked at Microsoft Canada as a Marketing Associate....get the world's best talent, talk and teaching with networking as guests introduce themselves and some share their dreams for the decade!

If you would like to perform, or introduce yourself and what you do, or promote your business at Phreedom Fridays book an audition or a one-on-one meeting with me!

We will be using AI to help us optimize our marketing and launch planning and sponsor, performer, coach and attendee recruitment plans so this will be the premiere weekly night of talent, talk and teaching in the English-speaking world.

We plan to launch by this September and we may do a soft launch earlier depending upon demand so sign-up now so you'll be notified!

Secure your spot today before seats fill up!


Be entertained by world-class poetry performances!

Our featured performer is president of Toronto Poets and and started writing poetry in 1988 when he was in grade 5 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada and retired to Antigua in 2022 at the age of 45 with a million-dollar exit and invested in Phreedom Fridays!

"Committed to Phreedom-From the Pit to the Palace"-the Movie

Be entertained by a variety of different entertainers from poets to singers, rappers, a variety of types of musicians, motivational speakers, even comedians and impersonators - like this one personating Barack Obama from one of my Toronto Poets Saturday Night Love shows in Toronto - are welcome. The sky is not even our limit - book an audition with me below if you would like to perform at Phreedom Fridays. That could lead to be hired to be a paid performer in our upcoming movie project - "Committed to Phreedom - From the Pit to the Palace" - A story of triumph over depression, my life story.

What You'll Learn in Our Teaching Segments

Every Phreedom Fridays you learn from a financial advisor who retired at 45 with a million-dollar exit and his first and last 25-year legacy book-course complete, "You're Gifted So Think Phreely-The Course" at, scholarship program built at, and as of Jan.1st, his academy built at

  • 5 steps to Phreedom from emotional abuse and misuse & the wisdom of pre-engagement counselling

  • 7 biblical principles for success in life that won me 7 scholarships in 1996 and enabled to retire at 45 with a million-dollar exit

  • 7 steps to entrepreneurship millions

  • How to enlarge your vision and plan long-term - for a decade, then the rest of your life

The first two times you attend Phreedom Fridays are phree, not including any food or drinks you buy if you attend in person. Then you need to invest in a book-course which enables you to earn $50 USD each attendee you refer over the next 3 months who also invests in their Phreedom Pass in the Think Phreely Referral Program. Right now a purchase of the self-study book-course, "You're Gifted So Think Phreely-The Course" qualifies as your Phreedom Pass for the next 3 months.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at Phreedom Fridays! Watch the Videos Below for Samples from featured artists!

Learn how to escape from the Rat Race at Phreedom Fridays!

Christmas song by featured gospel rapper SEEKRit

Before You Decided....

Do You Have Questions About Phreedom Academy?

Book a 1-on-1 meeting to learn more!

Phreedom Fridays is the night where you can interact with students of Phreedom Academy twice for Phree before you have invested in "You're Gifted So Think Phreely-The Course" evening classes or self-study course at This all part of a plan I started with my target resume after Bill Gates came and spoke to us at Microsoft Canada during my marketing internship there in 1998-1999 when I planned my entire career on one document - a target resume - I'm the only one who did this all at once at 22 to retire at 45 so its a lot to understand all at once, so please book a one-on-one meeting with me to understand how it all works together for your good once you know what your God-given Dream for the Decade is......we can even help you discover what it is in our classes in the week or by you going through our exercises on your own in our book-course, "You're Gifted So Think Phreely-The Course" self-study version you can get at

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